Neotys Labs

Neotys provides APIs and extensions to customize and extend the behavior of NeoLoad. Neotys Labs provides different pluggable assets for NeoLoad. The different asset types are:

Maturity levels

Published assets may have different levels of maturity:

  • Experimental: experimental work that has not gone through Neotys’ quality assurance process and likely does not meet Neotys quality standards.
  • Beta: assets, which have received some QA testing but did not go through the full qualification process.
  • Stable: went through the full quality assurance process once.


Neotys does not provide support for these downloadable assets; they are not Neotys’ products. The assets listed here are intended to be used by experts and may require some coding ability. Note some assets may be removed from this page without notice for various reasons. These include, but are not limited to, plans to incorporate into NeoLoad or the asset proved to have limited use. Discontinued assets may be used in future versions of NeoLoad, even if they have been removed from Neotys Labs.


A specific NeoLoad edition and/or option may be required to use these assets. Refer to the NeoLoad requirement for each asset. Feel free to contact for a trial license if you want to evaluate an asset.


Selenium for Automated Script Maintenance and End User Experience

Read the guide “Integration with Selenium for End User Experience” to learn more about the integration with Selenium using the Selenium Proxy Driver.

Load Testing Vaadin Applications

Read the guide “Load Testing Vaadin Applications” to learn more about testing Vaadin based applications with the Vaadin Data Format Extension and the Vaadin Framework.

Code & Libraries

Selenium Proxy Driver for Automated Script Maintenance and End User Experience

The Selenium Proxy Driver allows you to use a Selenium script to create or update NeoLoad User Paths and/or measure the end user experience on one or a few browsers or mobile devices and to send these measurements to NeoLoad.

Java DriverC# driver

Advanced Actions

Advanced Actions extend the behavior of a Virtual User. See the documentation to learn how to install and use.

ISO 8583

This action generates banking messages in accordance with ISO 8583 standard.

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This action allows you to connect to a MQTT broker.

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AWS CloudWatch Monitoring

This action retrieves monitoring data from an AWS account and graphs it through the Data Exchange API. You can for instance, retrieve all your AutoScaling data from AWS to trace into NeoLoad.

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Connect To MQ Queue

The Connect to MQ Queue Advanced action is used to connect to a IBM WebSphere MQ queue. It can be used with NeoLoad JMS Advanced actions Queue – Send, Queue – Receive and Disconnect.

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Itrinegy Integration

Allows you to control the network emulation of iTrinergy INE from NeoLoad.

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Integration between NeoLoad and Dynatrace OneAgent

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Integration between NeoLoad and NewRelic

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Database Advanced Actions

Call stored procedures and execute PL/SQL statements from NeoLoad during a Load Test.

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NeoLoad Frameworks contain the correlation rules used to automate the extraction and injection of dynamic parameters. Framework definition files must be imported in NeoLoad’s preferences, “General Settings / Frameworks” section.


Framework definition to handle the dynamic parameters of Vaadin based applications when the Vaadin Data Format Extension is installed.

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Data Format Extensions

Data Format Extensions allow the conversion of data that is difficult to variabilize like binary or advanced text formatting into a format that is more suitable for variabilization like XML. Data Format Extension files must be declared in NeoLoad’s preferences, “Project Settings / Modules Manager” section, ‘Extensions’ tab.


Data Format Extension for Vaadin requests (HTTP and WebSocket) that converts Vaadin requests to XML in NeoLoad.

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HDS Data Format Extension

Decodes the manifest file generated by HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS)

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