Are Your IT Systems/Applications Ready to Handle Load Bursts?

If your business uses e-commerce websites, mobile apps, Point of Sale systems, or back office systems, you know that their performance and ability to handle a sudden surge of load is highly critical in today’s inter-connected and competitive world.

Organizations that do not have their IT systems validated and certified for load bursts will seriously suffer from loss of revenue and reputation.

Are you concerned that your IT systems cannot handle end-user loads anticipated during Holiday Season? If your answer is ‘yes’, this webinar is for you.

Watch this webinar to gain insights on the following:
  • Learn about ‘load bursts’ and the various business use cases
  • How the joint Go-To-Market solution from Infosys & Neotys helps address IT systems performance for load bursts
  • What is required for your organization in terms of tools, techniques etc. to implement this solution