Mobile Performance Testing: Strategies and Tools to Delight Your Users

Everyone with a mobile or web app needs a sound mobile performance testing strategy. According to Adobe, mobile accounted for 53 percent of all shopping traffic and 34 percent of online purchases on Black Friday in 2015, and these numbers are only going to increase.

Your real users are going to have a bad experience if you’re not running performance tests with a realistic mixture of web and mobile users. The good news is that with the right tools and proper planning, mobile performance test coverage is easier to expand than you might think.

Speakers: Bill Nicholson, Director of Support and Services, Neotys & Tim Hinds, Product Marketing Manager, Neotys

What you’ll learn:

  • Why you need testing and monitoring tools that support mobile users
  • How to account for various network conditions and devices
  • Challenges with siloed web and mobile testing teams
  • How mobile users can wreck performance for your web users
  • The realities of shared backends for web and mobile apps