Success Story: Marseille City Council

Company Profile

Marseilles City Council IT services (12 000 employees, 7000 workstations, 170 servers). The second biggest town in France.


Developing and setting up web applications using J2EE technologies on shared servers brought to light a number of performance-related problems (slow responses, server memory overloading, too many database connections open etc..).

These problems, mainly due to undersized server configurations and some memory-hungry applications, could only be pinpointed using a ramp-up load-testing tool. Once pinpointed, the problems could be analyzed and solved


NeoLoad seemed to us to be the perfect compromise between open source stress test software, often poorly documented, and the other available solutions that were just too costly. What’s more, its ease of use and the quality of the customer support definitely convinced us to purchase the package.
We’ve had no problems at all using NeoLoad: its interface is intuitive, the menus are straightforward, fine-tuning is always possible and the results are clearly presented

Test Results and Added Value

Using NeoLoad has allowed us to:

  • solve performance-hindering problems,
  • validate new applications prior to deployment,
  • save time and improve productivity,

and means that our development teams can now rest assured that their applications will not encounter any performance problems when the load is ramped up on-line.