Neotys Corporate Datasheet

Neotys Product Vision

The success of your digital strategy relies on your ability to deliver fast and reliable software, regularly. Creating great software quickly, using an optimized performance testing process is your competitive advantage – Agile and DevOps are part of the solution.

Neotys has invested over 12 years of development into NeoLoad – the performance testing platform designed to
accelerate Agile and DevOps processes.We truly believe that the Performance Engineer can become the critical application performance partner providing the best testing coverage while respecting the cadence of the Continuous Delivery process. As performance becomes the responsibility of the wider DevOps team, continued delivery of an optimized performance testing platform is what
drives our work every day. NeoLoad’s product roadmap is driven by three core customer-focused goals:

  • Enable teams to test earlier
  • Automate/accelerate testing
  • Provide environment for Agile and DevOps team collaboration
Neotys Corporate
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