Disable License

This page allows you to deactivate a Neotys product license key on a machine. Once the license key has been deactivated, it can be reactivated on another machine.

Deactivation procedure

  1. Get the deactivation request file from your Neotys product:

    1. Go to the License Management page in the Neotys product.
    2. Select the Transfer to another machine option.
    3. The Neotys product generates a deactivation request file named „license-inactivation.req“.
    4. Download and store this file locally on your machine.
  2. Send the deactivation request file to Neotys:

    1. Please select the deactivation request file (license-inactivation.req):

    2. After having sent it, you will receive a return e-mail from Neotys confirming that the license key has been deactivated for that specific machine.
      Please enter your email address to receive the deactivation confirmation:


Contact Neotys Support if you need any help with the activation process.


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