Success Story: Turkcell İletişim Hizmetleri A.Ş.

Company Profile

Turkcell is the biggest Mobile Telecommunication company in Turkey and the second one in Europe. Turkcell has more than 35,000,000 customers in Turkey. We have plenty of customer channels and services.


R&D Team’s production speed is very high and this situation made performance testing very critical. We used NeoLoad for all sort of projects with WebLogic add-on. This week, at last minute, a project is needed to run performance testing. As most testers know, planning and executing performance testing is always a challenge. It requires a lot of time and effort. But NeoLoad helped us easily creating needed scenarios quickly and we run them. The results were meaningful for everybody. Both for technical people and semi-technical people.


I downloaded many tools for performance testing. I compared all of them. The advantage of NeoLoad I discovered in first time was, easy to install, easy to use, using just one GUI. In most cases, just mouse clicking and drag-drop action is enough to create a performance testing scenario. This makes NeoLoad also easy-to-teach and to learn comparing to others. So, I let the testers install this tool, teach them how to use it in a short time, and this was enough for them to start their performance testing.

Because we also have WebLogic add-on, we could detect codes issues in the software we have been testing. We created meaningful reports and everything was under our control.

Test Results and Added Value

We have found defects quickly and this gave development team enough time to fix them before production. We could see that the software will be robust enough regarding the expected load in production.