Success Story: Trimble

Company Profile

Trimble provide Outage Management System (OMS) software for Electricity, Water, Waste Water and Gas utilities.


We needed to prove that our system would provide the required response times when under a heavy sustained load of 500 concurrent users and all external interfaces being fully utilised.


We received a recommendation from a business partner of ours which prompted us to evaluate the NeoLoad software.

During our stress testing on-site, NeoLoad allowed us to simulate the worst case scenario before the system went live. This allowed us to find and eliminate the bottlenecks before they became a problem in production. Using NeoLoad we were also able to produce a report of sufficient quality to send to our customer on completion of testing.

Test Results and Added Value

NeoLoad exceeded our expectations, we were very impressed by how easy it was to script scenarios. The ease of scripting however does not limit the abilities of the tool as powerful advanced visual scripting features were able to meet all of our requirements.

Having spent significant effort scripting using a competing product, we found NeoLoad requires a fraction of the effort to script scenarios, whilst providing much better feedback and reporting facilities.

The main benefits of NeoLoad are:

  • Excellent visual use-case scripting
  • No coding required which simplifies scripting and avoids wasting time fixing bugs in script code.
  • Very extensive test feedback and reporting facilities.
  • Supports gathering statistics for all the popular application servers, operating systems and database servers.