Success Story: Technology Credit Union

Company Profile

Technology Credit Union was founded in 1960 and is among the top 1% of the nation’s largest credit unions.  With over $1.3 billion in assets and ten full-service branches around the Bay Area, Tech CU is a leader in the credit union industry.


Our Online Banking application serves over 30,000 members and an average of 300,000 sessions on a monthly basis. We constantly add new services as well as regular upgrades. We wanted a tool to help us measure the impact heavy loads would have on our application before we went live with new upgrades or features.


We did some research of various products and found NeoLoad very user friendly when using the trial version. We attended a web-ex and were impressed with the variety of features NeoLoad had to offer. Plus there was not a difficult learning curve to overcome and the product was flexible enough to use for a variety of scenarios.

After installing the software, we were ready to go in just a few hours. We used NeoLoad to test our Online Banking web application using different scenarios and simulating web site access by several users simultaneously. We recorded the complete login scenario using the NeoLoad automated tool without writing a single line of code. We also used the tool to generate the load on the application to do performance testing.

Test Results and Added Value

NeoLoad helped us find issues related to SQL commands, connections and SQL fine tuning. Thus we had a very successful application launch because we were able to fix these issues before we went live.