Success Story: SaskEnergy

Company Profile

SaskEnergy is a Crown corporation of the Saskatchewan government which delivers natural gas to the province through a 65,000 kilometre distribution system to over 300,000 customers.


The application tested was custom developed „Load Testing .Net Applications„.Net Web application[/a] (C#, Ajax, Component Art controls) which will be used by 250+ customer service representatives to capture and coordinate service orders related to natural gas delivery within the province. WebServices used to integrate this application and other legacy applications.

We required an automated method for proper load testing of the application to emulate the load of the 250+ users using realistic scenarios.

Our challenges were not software related, but were more related to identifying the suitable scenarios to include in our tests.


NeoLoad was chosen for:

  • the ability to easily create multiple load test scenarios, and group them into real world test populations;
  • ease of comparing results between application code changes was a deciding factor.

Overall testing went well. NeoLoad helped us to identify some performance issues within the application that we otherwise would not have known. Small memory leaks that did not show up with minimal usage were easily identifiable once load was applied.

We had however ran into issues with NeoLoad that would be unavoidable with any web application load tester; code changes and upgrades to controls created errors within the predefined scripts due to version differences.

Test Results and Added Value

NeoLoad is great for comparing results between changes to the application. As well as problems were identified and hardware was changed/upgraded we could easily rerun the tests and get comparative results.

The ability to easily/quickly generate graphs and other outputs from the results was extremely helpful.