Success Story: Rotterdam City Council Tax Department

Company Profile

Rotterdam City Council Tax Department is in charge of collecting taxes from companies, home owners and citizens.


We needed a tool that was easy and quick to implement to stress test an Oracle E-Business Suite installation.

A complex architecture, with a loadbalancers, multiple application tiers and multiple database tiers needed to be stress tested before the architecture was brought into production.

Application tested:

Oracle E-Business Suite R12.

Protocols tested:

http and Oracle Forms.


We chose NeoLoad after seeing a small demonstration from a consultant, who had seen the tool in a demonstration in Montpellier. The alternative was Mercury. As time was short no other alternatives were considered.

The main goal was to load the system with users performing different tasks and functions, overstressing the architecture and to find weak points. A secondary goal was to find performance issues in the database.

The major benefits from using NeoLoad were quick and easy installation and easy first stress test. We found a couple of weak points in the infrastructure that were easy to fix, but were saved from the users.

Test Results and Added Value

The ease of the tool made it very easy to start stress testing and thus saving considerable time and therefore consulting time. Also the quality of the configuration was improved, thus providing a good functioning architecture for end users.

The way Neotys gave support was tremendous and shows real commitment.

When new functionality will be implemented and an increase in users is expected NeoLoad will definitely be on the short list.