Success Story: Rapid7

Company Profile

Rapid7 is the leading provider of unified vulnerability management, compliance, and penetration testing solutions, delivering actionable intelligence about an organization’s entire IT environment. Rapid7 offers the only integrated threat management solution that enables organizations to implement and maintain best practices and optimize their network security, Web application security and database security strategies.


We were looking for a Web Application Load Testing tool in order to make sure our application could handle the load our enterprise customers are putting it under. We didn’t have a good idea what our stress levels were before we invested in NeoLoad. Before using NeoLoad we had our own in-house solutions developed using Robot Framework, JMeter, and Selenium.

Application tested: NeXpose Security Console, which is our flagship network vulnerability and penetration testing application, is the application under test. It is a J2EE application using HTML and Javascript on the front-end.

Protocols/technologies tested: AJAX, HTML, JavaScript, HTTP/HTTPS.


We considered HP LoadRunner and Parasoft SOATest along with in-house custom-built solutions. We chose NeoLoad for its ease of use right out of the box and the price point was also important to us.

We have used NeoLoad for load testing, stress testing, and functional testing of our products. We have found and fixed several issues using NeoLoad and continue to use it for performance sanity (regression testing).

Test Results and Added Value

NeoLoad has been a great asset to Rapid7. We chose this tool over others because of its ease of use and the time-to-value that it offered us. NeoLoad was able to help us quickly quantify performance bottlenecks in the NeXpose Performance and Scalability Lab, enabling the Rapid7 performance engineering team to further improve the scalability and performance of NeXpose under a wide range of high scale workloads. The tool has allowed us to create suites of re-usable tests which we will use to find and fix performance regressions if they appear. We have been very happy with our decision and consider NeoLoad a powerful tool to use as we test new releases.

Rapid7 will use NeoLoad for load testing and stress testing of new web UIs that we develop and also to simulate real-world conditions for our enterprise customers.