Success Story: Raiffeisen Bank Polska S.A.

Company Profile

Raiffeisen Bank Polska S.A. is a part of Raiffeisen International Group and as a bank it offers financial services for individual, small business and institutional customers.


We were looking for a load testing tool which would provide us with a possibility to load test our web application and would support new technologies such as Flex and AJAX. There were only few tools on market supporting Flex technology at this time. One of them was NeoLoad.

The main goal was to find a tool which would provide us with wide functionality and enable cost savings. Support of Flex technology was the primary requirement for the functionality of the tool.

Before we started to use NeoLoad we have tried several open-source tools but not always they were able to meet our needs. In more complicated and demanding projects we had to rent licenses for top shelf tools like HP Load Runner but it was a very expensive approach in a long term. Our other approach was to outsource load tests but it was also relatively costly.

Application tested: Using NeoLoad we managed to test several internal and external applications. Each of them had a different purpose and was prepared using different technologies. Among them was our electronic banking application for individual customers based on Flex technology. The application provides such functionality like payments, deposits, history of transactions.

Protocols tested: During almost one year of using NeoLoad for load testing we managed to test applications in different technologies using various protocols. First of all we used NeoLoad to test web applications based on Flex technology using https protocol. Secondly we often tested applications based on Java and https protocol including AJAX technology. We have also been able to test our mobile banking application using NeoLoad and mobile phone emulator.


We considered many other tools such as Load Runner or WebLoad but finally we have decided to choose NeoLoad because it is very easy to use, it supports Flex technology and its price is very competitive. Flex script parameterization is easier than in other tools. Possibility to use internal system monitors, JavaScripts and automatically generated reports were also in favor of NeoLoad.

We used NeoLoad in several projects which were designed to deliver web and mobile access to customer products and operations. Each new version of our applications was tested using NeoLoad to confirm that it can handle expected user load. This was particularly important when we performed customer migration process from old version of electronic banking application to a new one.

Test Results and Added Value

Thanks to NeoLoad, load testing of Flex applications become much more easier than before. Parameterization of Flex request in NeoLoad is fast and intuitive so we were able to reduce time spending on scripting. Also access to system monitors is very useful because we have preview of several system statistics on an ongoing basis during the tests which give us opportunity to analyze deeply possible bottlenecks.

During the test we were able to observe abnormal behavior of system components like database or application server. By having access to online monitoring modules available in NeoLoad we could quickly perform next set of tests after applying adjustments to test environment. Thanks to NeoLoad we could confirm that our application performance is at desired level.

Thanks to NeoLoad we were able to obtain large cost savings especially when we talk about license cost. Simpler way of scripting Flex request gives opportunity to reduce time needed for test preparation and time spending on load testing process as a result.

License cost saving was significant. Costs of one month license rental on top shelf application were almost comparable to permanent license for NeoLoad. Both of them have similar functionality. We also estimate that after implementing NeoLoad scripting time has been shortened by 30%.

Response of NeoLoad support team is very quick and helpful. When we faced some problems in NeoLoad fix packs were delivered very fast and in most cases the issue was solved immediately.

Currently we use five machines with 64 bit Solaris OS as a base system for load generators but we are planning to expand our NeoLoad generators infrastructure in the future to be able to generate more traffic. We also have plans to obtain separate licenses for designing scripts.