Success Story: Promutuel

Company Profile

Groupe Promutuel’s 34 mutual insurance members are spread all over the Quebecois territory. They offer a wide range of damage insurance products, financial security, savings and loans.


Load testing is a normal part of the development process. The tests carried out help us improve our understanding of the application. They lead to the first load-related adjustments prior to production release, improving our service to the client.”


“NeoLoad surpassed its competitors by the quality and efficiency of its product. We were able to create complex scripts, allowing us to verify JAVA and SharePoint applications quickly and with no concerns about programming.”

Test Results and Added Value

„The software fulfilled 90% of our technical requirements and its comprehensive and simple to use reports exceeded our expectations. Furthermore, using the plug-ins, we were able to highlight the performances of the servers hosting the application.
We reduced the time set aside for load testing and increased our capacity to construct scenarios for the application. The stability of our scenarios improved, and their flexibility means we save time. The scenarios simply are better when we create them with NeoLoad.”