Success Story: Martin Dawes Systems

Company Profile

Martin Dawes Systems is a leading provider of customer management systems for the communications industry.


We were looking to test a new application that uses AMF/Flex. We needed a tool that could test the performance using this protocol.

Before NeoLoad SOAP and JMeter have been used for other types of application.

Application tested: It is an online account management, bill presentment and analysis tool.

Protocols/technologies tested: Flex, http/https


We found that NeoLoad’s user interface by far surpassed all of it’s mid to high range competitors. We found the tool intuitive and very stable. It appeared to be a mature product in terms of its Flex/Amf handling in comparison to its rivals. We were also impressed with the extensive Neotys client list. The alternatives considered were Silk Performer, Load Runner, and Webload.

We initially performed an evaluation of the major products on the market that could cope with the Flex/AMF protocol. Once we had established our product choice we commenced with the purchase, and are currently testing our product.

Test Results and Added Value

The major benefits from using NeoLoad: Flex request and response rendering to xml was excellent. Parameterisation was simple. Error handling was good and descriptive. The tool was very versatile in letting us configure our scenarios. Results were detailed and yet very clear.

We have been able to benchmark our product quickly, and implement a number of real world scenarios into our tests with the confidence that NeoLoad is doing its job.

NeoLoad provides us and our customers with confidence that our software solutions will function correctly in a production environment.

Several of our customers have congratulated us on our testing process and thoroughness.

We intend to use the product to test our future software releases and provide performance testing consultation for our customers.

Additional comments

One very important issue for us in the evaluation process was the quality and responsiveness of the Neotys technical support team. We monitored the interactions with the team very closely. The level of support and speed of response we received during the evaluation was superb. I am also extremely pleased to say that this has continued after our purchase. Well done.