Success Story: Lyngsoe Systems A/S

Company Profile

Lyngsoe Systems specializes in elevating logistics in the postal industry.


We were looking for a Web Application Load Testing tool to document our application’s ability to handle the customer’s load. This includes both handling a massive user load but also to handle report generation on massive amounts of data.

We didn’t have a documented load test from the customer so we had to generate this ourselves before actually performing the NeoLoad stress test.

Before using NeoLoad users would try to simulate a heavy load by running multiple demanding reports.

Application tested: a web application that allows users to generate reports, which shows the customer’s quality of service. It is a Java web application on top of Oracle 11g Enterprise database.

Protocols tested:

  • Http
  • Ajax
  • Java applets


We looked at several other stress test applications but because of the user friendly interface and the competitive cost and of course because NeoLoad fulfilled all requirements we have chosen NeoLoad.

Different simulated users (up to 300 at one time) were setup to request different reports during 24 hours. In the tests we had created several different user profiles each performing different tasks.

Test Results and Added Value

Test Results and Added Value

NeoLoad helped us find errors and focus on optimising certain SQL’s. NeoLoad made it very clear where we should focus our optimization.

The result of our load testing showed that the customer’s system was correctly proportioned, but that some things could run better. NeoLoad found several deficiencies in our system that we had not found ourselves. This saved us quite a lot of headache.

NeoLoad has allowed identifying performance bottlenecks and requesting failures. This has certainly reduced the risk when we have released new versions of our software, by running NeoLoad prior to a new release gives you that nice feeling in the stomach that everything will be all right.

We plan to setup a template for conducting tests of new releases, which can help weed out errors and bottlenecks. So we started out using NeoLoad only for one customer but we are planning to use it for all customers.

Additional comments

Usefull product. Good customer support.