Webinar: Load & Performance Testing at the Speed of Agile: Best Practices & Automation Tips

What you’ll learn:

  • Benefits of being more Agile with your testing
  • Challenges with load testing in an Agile environment
  • Best practices for testing app performance every iteration
  • Tips for automating load and performance testing

Are you trying to do load and performance testing in an Agile environment but find yourself asking, “Am I doing this right?” Or maybe you have a number of tests that are running with your Continuous Integration builds, but haven’t been able to effectively incorporate load and performance testing into that automation. Many organizations today are struggling with questions about load and performance testing in an Agile or Continuous Testing process.

See this webinar to hear about best practices and key steps for testing the performance of your applications in an Agile environment.

Speaker: Steve Weisfeldt, Senior Performance Engineer, Neotys