Success Story: LBi

Company Profile

LBi are a full service digital agency –

“To turn great ideas into great results for your brand, we have digital experts across search to CRM and everything creative in between. However, the real skill comes in finding the right blend of strategy, media, creativity and technology. The mix is different each time but underlying everything is our understanding of how brands attract and retain customers.  It’s this ability to combine skilled people and powerful insights with original ideas that means we’re the UK’s first complete digital agency.”


To find a tool that could support the recording and parameterisation of RIA protocols. Our commercial current tool (Oracles eLoad) was unable to do this and after some effort it seemed that none of the free tools could either (most could record but not parameterise data sent)

Protocols tested: Http and Adobe FLEX AMF3


NeoLoad was one of only a few tools we could find that supported the above mentioned protocols, their sales staff were the quickest to respond and understand our needs and the price was the most competitive we could find.

Once I started using the tool I found it very easy to pick up and it wasn’t long at all before I had the ability to do most things required to write (and then run) usable and complex loadtest scripts. In fact, compared to our current tool I would rate it much more highly and it also compares very favourable to the higher end commercial tools (like Loadrunner).

We recorded scripts for the game we were developing to record and parameterise the following business processes –

  • 1)Login
  • 2)Registering
  • 3)Save Game
  • 4)Get Leaderboard
  • 5)Edit Profile
  • 6)Edit Avatar

We then created tests out of these scripts accordingly and as needed.

Test Results and Added Value

The main need for the tool was the ability to record and parameterise the AMF3 protocol being used to perform the above processes.

We identified a severe problem in the Get Leaderboard call that needed to be resolved where the responses were degraded as more games were saved (as the call was retrieving all saved games no matter the number of games). We also satisfied our concerns about performance for the overall site under load.