Success Story: Ladokenheten, Umeå Universit

Company Profile

Situated on Campus of Umeå University and a part of the university with around 90 employees. Core activity is development and maintenance of IT-solutions, primarily for higher education sector.


We need to test the performance of our products because they are used by a lot of users at the same time and need to have good performance at a high load.

The tool we were using before (OpenSource) was old (no updates in several years) and was not reliable. It also took much time to script.

Application tested:
A national system for admission to the academic studies in Sweden. One part is a website where you apply for courses and programmes. The load of the website has many measurable parameters; one is the number of applications sent per hour. At peak times there have been as many as 6 000 applications per hour and a much bigger number of connections to the database per hour. The other part is an “Expert client” that uses Java Swing GUI that the administrators use to administrate the applications. The Java client also processes all the applications and evaluates merits and qualifications of the applicants in addition to holding all reference data concerning courses, programmes and rules for eligibility. There is a number of heavy batches to be tested in the Java client. NeoLoad will also be hopefully used in the future to test other applications in the department.

Protocols tested:
http/https, Ajax, SOAP, REST


We made an evaluation of a number of tools – both open source and commercial tools. We looked mainly at NeoLoad, HP Loadrunner, IBM Rational Performance Tester and Jmeter. We found that NeoLoad was the best alternative for our needs, it’s easiest to use, best scripting solutions and the best reporting module which makes testing time-effective. NeoLoad also has very compatible pricing.

Test Results and Added Value

The major benefits from using NeoLoad are easy to use, fast to create tests, seams reliable, good monitoring and good reports.
We have found a couple of problems in our products that we need to take care of.
We will use NeoLoad in several projects to improve the performance of our applications.