Success Story: Kodision

Company Profile

Kodision is a Dutch software house with a unique approach to knowledge technology. Founded in 1998, the company develops generically applicable tools which enable knowledge intensive applications to be produced simply. Our clients are the top 500 of the Dutch financial, commercial services and (local) government. We are specialized in standard and 100% configurable software for web intake, intelligent e-forms, human workflow, case management and complaint management. We are making use of standard technology and toolkits and furthermore make use of Microsoft Building Blocks such as SQL Server, Microsoft .NET, Communication Foundation and Workflow Foundation. Our software is very open and easy to integrate, using standard communication protocols such as the worldwide W3C open standards.

The TriplEforms® Web intake- and intelligent e-forms solution is a particularly powerful and generically applicable knowledge system for interactive and flexible customer solutions, such as e-government, that helps companies in their business with customers. It’s a full web based application, which can be configured easily by the organization itself.


We were looking for a Web Application Load Testing tool to analyze performance issues under high load situations; the challenges were bad response times with multiple concurrent user sessions.

Before NeoLoad we were using Microsoft Web Application Stress Tool.

Application tested: Our Kim 2008® mid-office application handles requests from registration until storage in back-office systems and providing advanced (graphic) management information. Work flow management and document management systems are fully integrated within the solution that can easily be connected to existing customer systems due to the use of standard communication protocols and applications such as XML, SOAP and server applications like Microsoft BizTalk. Maintenance of the solutions is independent from Kodision and can be performed by the client or one of the partners of Kodision.

Protocols tested: http/https and web services.


NeoLoad was chosen for:

  • Ease of use
  • Great recording capabilities
  • Grouping requests to pages
  • User defined names for request and pages – very helpful when the same page handles different requests
  • Test results can be interpreted quickly and reports are generated easily
  • Free load generator

Other test suites evaluated:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio Team System 2008 Test Edition
  • Automated QA TestComplete

We’ve used three separate systems because the KIM Mid-office application consists of a user interface web application, a workflow engine and a database. To measure these separate layers, we’ve installed them on three separate machines and we wrote several scenarios to make sure that all the different layers could be tested thoroughly. We’ve recorded these several scenarios and used the NeoLoad tool to test them by simulating the users.

Test Results and Added Value

We’ve found several performance issues in the application and they were addressed excellently by NeoLoad. The problems that where addressed could be solved in a very short time. In the next measurements we found the performance to be improved significantly. We can create reports of the performance in specific scenarios.

The quality of our software was improved greatly because the response times under heavy load became very good. Right now we use NeoLoad as a part of our development cycle to make sure that any release we deliver to our customer is tested thoroughly again and is of the same quality as the releases we delivered in the past.

New releases will be load tested in a dedicated test environment using NeoLoad for recording and executing the tests. The test results are analyzed using the reports generated by NeoLoad and thus improvements can be made quickly because of the very good quality of the tool.