Success Story: Iowa Farm Bureau

Company Profile

In 1914, a group of farmers realized that they could function better through an organization of their own. This organization was later to be known as the Clinton County Farm Bureau. Soon, other counties realized the value of farm and farmer support and quickly formed similar organizations. Charter members included farmers, teachers, bankers, lawyers, merchants, local commercial club leaders, chambers of commerce officials, real estate brokers, coal operators, stock buyers and editors. These men and women created Farm Bureau because they wanted to help agriculture assume its place in a stable economy.

On Dec. 27, 1918, the Iowa Farm Bureau was born.

Farm Bureau is a unique and highly successful organization because it’s in business to serve members. The organization’s services, programs and benefits are developed based on the causes, concerns and needs important to members based on their beliefs and values – from leadership development, savings on preventative health care services and farm marketing seminars to programs to help young farmers thrive and prosper.


Iowa Farm Bureau is in the process of redesigning its website (used by members, general public, media, etc.). As such, we needed help stress testing the site before launch. Our customer base is significant, and we want to know our infrastructure and system can handle the load for initial log-in activities as well as on-going site utilization.

As a project, we were approved to increase our testing to 1,000 VUs (from 50). The baseline test of 50 VU went smoothly.

Long story short, we placed a call to increase our license (not realizing there was a massive snowstorm in the NE section of the US). After some due-diligence, it became clear to the team the NY area had experienced a power outage that morning. So we sent an email to the support and sales email addresses posted on the website, and within the hour we had a phone call from France.

Once we received the 1,000 VU license that day, we were able to configure the tests, begin running them Friday evening and completed them successfully Saturday morning. If it hadn’t been for the NeoLoad software, we would not have found that we needed to strengthen our infrastructure to adequately support our member base.

Application tested: It is a website integrated with our membership system. The general public (non-members) can access information about our organization. Members can access account information, join special interest groups, view publications online, obtain information on member benefits, etc.

Protocols/technologies tested: http / https, Ajax, Internal and external web servers


We considered 3-4 products; however we selected NeoLoad due to the prompt attention and customer service we received (including the in-depth training to help us learn the tool). This enabled us to quickly understand the tool, and consequently make the decision.

We need to take a time-out from testing, because the initial test confirmed we must install additional network components. This ultimately delayed our project 1 month, but it is a month we will never look back on as a major outage situation.

Once testing commences again, we hope to reach the 1,000 VU load.

As a result, we were able to confirm our network needed additional components before adding a load that could have led to a poor user experience for our members. We will now be able to test the new network components once installed, to confirm our system / infrastructure can handle the load.

Test Results and Added Value

NeoLoad’s value to our business: improved infrastructure; increased testing productivity (and confidence in the results from Senior Management); mitigated risk of potentially having a poor customer experience.

We purchased the 50 VU license so that we can use NeoLoad for future releases.

Additional comments

Neotys has an amazing team and “best-of-the-best” customer service (from sales to training to licensing and upgrades). For a new relationship, we couldn’t be any more pleased with the results and service experienced to date. Thank you for being part of our team!