Success Story: Industrial Scientific Corporation

Company Profile

Manufacturing of gas monitoring devices.


The application tested is a web based Customer Application, that allows customers to get account information such as equipment and current alerts from database through the internet.

Application tested: web based application Protocols tested: Http and Https.

We needed to verify the limits of our application; decreasing load times and determining any load induced errors.


We evaluated lot of commercial, free tools and found NeoLoad is the best tool to create and maintain scripts and also for the price we get. We like NeoLoad reports too.

We tested our application with NeoLoad in the following 3 ways with different download and upload speeds:

  • 1.Ramp up user load
  • 2.Constant user load.
  • 3.Peak User load

In all these cases, the Virtual Users took multiple varying paths through the application. The Virtual Users also had different “think-times”, representing different levels of user interaction.

Test Results and Added Value

NeoLoad is very flexible and intuitive. Also, the reports are easy for non-technical readers to understand.

While using NeoLoad, we were able to determine the limits of our application and test performance upgrades in a quantifiable way.