Success Story: FaxCore Inc.

Company Profile

Leveraging more than 20 years of fax server industry expertise, FaxCore is a leading provider of fax server solutions for enterprises and Service Providers. With its Web-based interface, the company’s flagship and award-winning FaxCore 2007 provides a centralized system to automate fax communications and easily fax-enable business processes and other third-party applications


We are releasing a new version of our product and we are going into some market segments that will result in higher than normal user access to our web based solution. We needed to be sure our application performed as advertised under heavy load.


I believe we chose NeoLoad after doing some research on similar products and the price point was affordable. It was also important for us to be able to download it and implement it quickly.

The testing went great. We built a test environment and then let it run over a weekend in order to process several hundred thousand transactions.

Test Results and Added Value

The main benefits were that we could set up the environment, run the tests unattended and then review the results. As a result of the testing we realized that we needed to make a change in the way our application returns search results.