Success Story: Experient

Company Profile

Leading supplier of registration, reservation, and planning services to the event industry.


We were looking for a Web Application Load Testing tool because of bad experiences with our meeting registration websites crashing under heavy load. The meeting registration lifecycle, by its very nature, often has very high but short (measured in hours) peaks.

We didn’t have a load testing methodology prior to NeoLoad.

Application tested:

  1. Custom Web Registration / Reservation Sites built for our customer’s shows

    Our original plan was to annually test the top 12 Web Registration sites expected to have sharpest peaks of activity. Each year we build over 300 Web Registration sites, but only a dozen or so generated peaks that would challenge the scalability of our software and environment. Here are a few of the implementations tested: – National Association of REALTORS – Radiological Society of North America – CES (Consumer Electronics Show) – American Academy of Dermatology

    Each site (all 300) is based on a core framework implementation that is then customized to meet the specific registration and reservation requirements of its event.

  2. SWAP: Our next generation sales lead capture / management tool

    We built test harnesses against which we used NeoLoad to generate load and measure performance from end user perspective who might use a browser or our native application for iPhone or Andriod.

  3. Performance Tune new SQL Servers

    NeoLoad generated loads to one of our registration websites with its database moved to a newly installed SQL 2008 R2 Server. NeoLoad enabled us to accurately make a-b comparisons against various SQL Server performance settings to come up with optimal configuration for our stack.

  4. Database Inflator

    NeoLoad allowed us to gauge performance of our block housing and registration application when operating against a large data set. We don’t have a script to populate the database with data and have been unable to test app performance when working against a large set of data. We ran into trouble when large exhibitors (bringing 1,500 people) used our application in 2009.

    For 2010, we used NeoLoad to inflate the database so we could analytically and anecdotally measure performance. Without NeoLoad we would have had to employ someone to hand enter all of the data.

Protocols/technologies tested: http / https / ASP.Net WebForms / AJAX.


NeoLoad appeared to be the quickest Load Testing app to get up and running without extensive training and support; it had reasonable price. We looked at a few options including Loadrunner.

Test Results and Added Value

We found the faults and hotspots in our apps before the public or our clients did.

Our load testing was extreme success. Since employing NeoLoad, we have not had an application meltdown under load.

We had several embarrassing episodes the year before adopting a formal load testing process.

NeoLoad’s value to our business:

  • Customer Satisfaction.
  • Extreme confidence in our ability to adopt new business without load failures.

We had at least one customer that would have left if we had another meltdown (representing 1 million in revenue annually).

We will continue to use NeoLoad as we have. We plan to add a format load testing procedure to our SDLC for new releases of our framework.