Success Story: Data Center Inc.

Company Profile

DCI is a leading software and services core provider for the Financial Services sector in the USA. DCI has been in business for over 45 years and is a private stock ownership organization chartered in Kansas.


Web application load testing was a new challenge for our Systems and Development team and with the short timeframes we needed strategic tools to leverage time and quality.

The challenge was to complement the advanced Virtual Systems technology that we had in place and enable full stress testing to address our architecture challenges and keeping customer satisfaction and performance at the top of the priorities.

Before NeoLoad web application load testing was a manual and labor-intensive process with very basic and low-level results. Earlier performance data was sketchy and required calculated assumptions.

Application tested: A new architecture browser based GUI system for a core banking system to replace aging fat client system. This system contained over 400 complex screens.

Protocols/technologies tested: HTTPS, AJAX, ASP.NET technologies.


Microsoft Web Application Stress Tool and a tool from WebPerformance were considered along with NeoLoad. But these tools were not as user-friendly, required more manual setup, and did not provide the robust reports that NeoLoad provides.

We are testing our new iCore360 application in an effort to accurately determine capacity planning for rollout later this year.

Test Results and Added Value

NeoLoad enabled a quick return on our investment, which was the major benefit as it was easy to deploy and worked well in our environment. It quickly pointed out our possible deficiencies and performance log jams. Once these were corrected, we could turn around and retest in a very quick manner and analyse, review the results and continue the cycle until we were satisfied.

Although we are very close to the completion of our development of our .Net product, we can declare that the NeoLoad software had significantly improved our software quality by pointing out potential issue and performance problems in a proactive manner during our testing and stressing exercises. This will keep our current customer satisfaction at high level and enable our movement to market very quickly and give DCI the competitive edge.

The use and deployment of NeoLoad will continue in the support and management of our new product and as the product evolves thru changes and upgrades, the ongoing testing and regression testing will continue to keep our product quality high and expected performance predictions solid. NeoLoad will keep the window of time to test and stress at a minimum and allow the flow of future upgrades to occur promptly. “Time is money”.

Additional comments

NeoLoad was very easy to deploy and provided instant results. Support was available but was not required. Product worked as designed and presented. The trial option was very helpful in our decision as it gave us results. NeoLoad has been very flexible and we have taken advantage of the temporary upgrade rental option for some specific stress tests, which has been very beneficial.