Success Story: BNP Paribas Factor

Company Profile

BNP Paribas FACTOR, the ISO 9001-certified factoring subsidiary of BNP Paribas, offers a complete factoring package to meet companies‘ demands for financing and the outsourcing of the accounts receivable operations, at every stage of their expansion.

BNP Paribas FACTOR is a small to middle-sized enterprise employing 240 staff.


BNP Paribas Factor recently introduced 40 or so web services for its customers. We needed software that would allow us to test these new tools, in order to ensure the highest possible service to our clients. We had no precise idea what impact these web services‘ load would have on our resources globally and had no real feedback on their overall performance. It was difficult, therefore, to determine what measures were required to make them more efficient.

To begin with, we tried to set up our own in-house SOAP Web Services load tests, but we quickly realized that this was too costly and complicated and started to look for a commercially-available solution.


We needed a comprehensive and powerful tool that was also simple to use and quickly assimilated. After downloading the software from the Neotys web site, and after only 20 minutes‘ use, we were convinced that NeoLoad was exactly what we were looking for. Its ease of use and intuitive interface meant that we were able to start our first load tests almost immediately.

The software feels immediately familiar, the basic features are easily accessible and the first tests can be launched quickly and easily.

Access to the more advanced features remains straightforward, with no real complications. For example, the use of variables is instinctive and well-documented and managing assertions (one of the software’s main features) is simple and easily accessible

Test Results and Added Value

Using NeoLoad has allowed us to test the technical building blocks that make up our web services package and detect a number of performance-related problems. In addition to its load-testing features, NeoLoad has also proved to be an excellent benchmark client for our web services. We use it regularly to carry out operational and regression testing.