Webinar: Are Mobile Users Slowing Down Your Web Apps?

What you’ll learn:

  • Challenges with typical web and mobile testing org structures
  • Why mobile users on your web apps can cause performance problems for all
  • The realities of shared back-ends for web and mobile apps
  • How to use NeoLoad to account for users with various devices and networks
  • And more!

Do you have a public-facing web app? Good news: you have mobile users. Bad news: you probably aren’t testing for them. You may even have a native mobile app or hybrid app that is supposed to take care of those mobile users… but do they still try to access your web app through their mobile browsers? Yes. Do your mobile apps and web app share a back-end? Most likely. Are you load testing your systems with a realistic mix of mobile and web users? Probably not.

Don’t worry. Turning web-based load tests into web and mobile tests is easier than you think. See how NeoLoad can help you quickly and realistically account for mobile users hitting your app or native mobile app users clogging up the shared back-end for your web app.