Training Schedules

Here is a list of the training sessions being held at our centers over the next few months.
Please see the Training page for more details on the different types of training available.

Warning: Scheduled Training courses may be rescheduled if the minimum number of participants is not reached. The rescheduling can take place no later than one week before the start of the training course.

Type Date Duration Lang Location Trainer Status  
NeoLoad Training04 Jul. to 06 Jul. 20163 daysFRParisNeotysScheduled
Neotys Expert Certification07 Jul. to 07 Jul. 20161 dayFRParisNeotysScheduled
NeoLoad Training19 Sep. to 21 Sep. 20163 daysFRParisNeotysScheduled
Neotys Expert Certification22 Sep. to 22 Sep. 20161 dayFRParisNeotysScheduled
NeoLoad Training07 Nov. to 09 Nov. 20163 daysFRParisNeotysScheduled
Neotys Expert Certification10 Nov. to 10 Nov. 20161 dayFRParisNeotysScheduled
NeoLoad Training12 Dec. to 14 Dec. 20163 daysFRParisNeotysScheduled
Neotys Expert Certification15 Dec. to 15 Dec. 20161 dayFRParisNeotysScheduled
Type Date Duration Lang Location Trainer Status  
Neotys Expert Certification27 May. to 27 May. 20163 daysENWaltham MANeotysConfirmed
NeoLoad Training21 Jun. to 23 Jun. 20163 daysENSan Diego CANeotysScheduled
NeoLoad Training16 Aug. to 18 Aug. 20163 daysENChicago ILNeotysScheduled
NeoLoad Training20 Sep. to 22 Sep. 20163 daysENWaltham MANeotysScheduled